Top 8 Things Renters Should Know
We have compiled a list of helpful tools specifically for renters.
Click on the categories below to open up all of the opportunities you probably didn't know were available to you.
Credit Health
Experian® BoostTM
Boost your FICO® Score Instantly, for free - No credit card required
Results may vary. See website for details.
Build your credit profile
By reporting rent and utilities you are already paying.
Build credit while you save
Reports to all 3 Credit Bureaus. No credit history required, and this can help build credit history for those that don't have any or need help building it up without getting into debt.
The Road to Owning
Stop paying rent
If you pay rent, you could own a house. Check out local Rent-to-Own properties in your area and stop paying rent.
Down Payment assistance
Buy a home with little or no money down with a federal, state, or municipal payment program!
Find foreclosed homes in your area
Cheap government-owned homes for sale!
Credit & Loans
Having trouble qualifying for a loan?
Get matched with a personal loan lender with credit up to $50,000 and available as fast as the next business day.
You're eligible to receive a $750 Guaranteed Credit Line
- No Credit Check
- No Employment Check
- Reports to major bureau to help boost your credit
Find Credit Options for You
Whether you need credit, loans, or any other finance opportunities, we can help!
Free personal finance resources
Get helpful personal finance tips and guides
Having a checking account could make paying rent easier
Especially with ASAP Direct DepositTM from GO2bank which allows you to get your pay up to 2 days early!
Earn $750 to your Cash App Account
- Take a Survey
- Claim Amazing Deals
- Claim $750 to your Cash App Account
Affordable insurance
Affordable Life Insurance
Make sure your family is taken care of. Get $250,000 of Term Life Insurance Coverage for as low as $15 a month.
Affordable Health Insurance
Health insurance can be pricey but you also do not want to be spending your savings or ruining your credit for something that could have been covered at an affordable cost! Compare health insurance plans and get matched with competitive health quotes.
Affordable Pet Insurance
Vet bills can easily add up and become very costly. This is why we make it easy to shop and compare affordable pet protection plans. Your pet's health matters too! Compare Quotes and Save $$
Make Some Extra Income
Want or need a better paying job?
Employers are desperately looking for you with top compensation offered! 1000's of jobs in your area and employers are paying top dollar for talent. Sign up for Free. Quick and Easy access to great job opportunities.
Need an easy wat to earn some extra cash? Want to fast track saving up for your dream home?
- Make money with paid online surveys!
- It is easy and fun, as long as you enjoy sharing your opinions